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Gear box worm

Manufacturer supplier exporter of worm gear box

gear box worm

According to European standard of similar product,we adopt high-quality artificial oil,imported famous brand seal parts and manufacture technology to produce square multi-placed reductor.

Worm Helical Gear Box

Feature beautiful appearance,easy installation,compact structure,low noise and high efficiency.

transmission gear box

worm gear reducer absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad. It has a novel and unique “square box” external structure. The box is beautiful in shape and is made of high quality aluminium alloy by die casting.

Worm speed gear box reducer

<1>Type: RV, NRV, RV-E, NRV-E

<2>Size: 025,030,040,050,063,075,090,110,130,150

<3>Ratio: 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100 

<4>Diameter Of Input Shaft Or Input Hole

<5>Input Flange: IEC Flange Or Customizing 

<6>Diameter Of Output Hole

<7>Position: B3,B8,B6,B7,V5,V6

gear box worm

The NMRV series worm gear reducer has the main features like: Aluminum alloy structure casting, light weight, beautiful and durable; high transmission efficiency, low noise, high output torque, and suitable for installation from any mounting positions.


Low noise and temperature rise.

High bearing capability,smooth ruuning and long service life.

samll volume,light weight,beautiful shape and easy to install.

Can run continuously under server environment,and has a good reliability.

worm gear box

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Worm: inner is nodular cast iron, outside is #94 bronze

Wheel: 20Crmoti steel (Carburizing)

Output shaft: #45 steel raw materal

Bearing: UBC brand

Housing: aluminum with oven painting for NMRV030-090

Power 0.12kw-15kw

Torque: $2.99
Hand Pressed: 2.6M2N.m-1070M2N.m
Ratio: 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100

Inner pack: use plastic bag and foam box

Outer pack: carton or wooden case per

 set or based on customer’s request.

Color sliver,black,blue,grey


Aluminum Alloy(NMRV025-NMRV090), Cast iron(NMRV110-NMRV130


Wheel: 20Crmoti steel (Carburizing),

Output shaft: #45 steel raw materal
Mounting Position

Base mounted with solid shaft or hollow shaft

Installation of output flange with solid shaft or hollow shaft

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Gear gox worm